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Hi I like playing and watching sports especially football and volleyball. HMU if you need an extra player! my favourite food is fried rice


I don't know how old I am, I just know the sound of canned wet food opening. aka Scratchbac's very own Meow Meow account!


Clearly a book & cat nerd so hmu if u wna talk books or cats 🐱


Cofounder of Scratchbac. meowmeow’s hooman. started scratchbac to borrow a drill. Keong Saik is my house.


We shave our head bald to preserve sacredness of our servers Feel free to talk to us about bugs or suggestions for app improvements, we have no hair left to lose!!


Beedoo beedoo weewoo weewoo not all peepee times are poopoo times but all poopoo times are peepee times


give me a second i, i need to get my story straight my friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the empire state am in tekong rn so i am bz!


Are you team #10KCash or team #10KTrees? Stay tuned here for updates until our first clue drop on 1st May 23!


Hi! I'm Shin and I enjoy making bouquets. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @madeby.shin or dm me there for urgent orders!


All submissions are anonymous. Submit your confessions here: 💀


All confessions are anonymous. Submit your confessions here: 🔇


it's not giving


+Ally me! I'll share the latest news about Scratchbac, and you can reach me if you need me!