harrlem's allies


I am a person that is outgoing person like to make friends


Hoping to slay life before life slay me Just trying my best 🥲🥲


Hi I am new to Scratchbac


Hi, new to Scratchbac, single with 2 teens. hoping to make new friends. love to 🍻 chill out with live band and cycling around urban and light trail


Cherishing the life given.Photography | Travel | Movies | TV Shows | Music | Adventures | Activities | Social events | Extrovert Things | Cafes |


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I'm a Certified Mental Wellness Coach.. feeling stressed, anger, hatred etc etc pls chat me privately maybe I can help..


I Love : OnePiece DC&Marvel Cats&Dogs Latte&IceTea ElectricGuitars Naruto&Boruto series SuperSentai&KamenRider


Like creating and editing videos, into art, food, exploring and trying new things, Disney and anime, new to cosplay.


Know yourself Make your own history


I'm not gonna conquer anything. It's just that the one who has the most freedom on the sea is the Pirate King! I do not work for scratchbac XD.


17, Student, does commissions cause im broke LOL HMU IF U NEED ME DELIVER SMTH FOR U


Refer to tags for interests Testing this out, cause Co-founder Jerry asked me to... But why not amirite.. Like to intro people to rock climb!


well where do I start… I’m a Teacher. adventurous, loves pasta!, little cycling here and there haha. making new friends wherever I go 😂👍🏼